Our Auction Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Freeway Enterprises Online Auction!

Please read thoroughly before placing any bids.












We have new, used, overstock, and returned items up for auction.




Our auction is online only. If you see an item sell to the floor that is because a customer pre bid in person on preview day and won the item with their high bid.


Freeway Enterprises does its absolute best to inspect and describe each item accurately, we go through most boxes to verify its contents and ensure the proper merchandise is in the proper boxes. Freeway Enterprises does not test every item we sell, nor does Freeway Enterprises remove every item from its packaging. PLEASE utilize our preview day to ensure you satisfied with the items your interested in bidding on.


There is a 15% buyers premium charged on all items purchased during the auction.





If you would like to pay with cash for your winning items you are more than welcome to do so.

You will get 2.5% off of the buyers premium when doing so.


However, you must let us know prior to bidding by leaving a note for us (in the Notes to Auctioneer section) when you register to bid.


If you leave the note, your card that was put on file will not be charged at the end of the auction and you can pay cash when you come in to pick up your winnings. If you do not pick up your items by the end of Monday your card will automatically be charged along with the full buyers premium.


If a note is not left when you register, your card will be charged at the end of the auction. We will NOT be able to refund your card for you to be able to pay with cash after the fact. This involves settings that cannot be adjusted after the auction has commenced.





We have an auction every week on Saturdays. Auctions will begin closing online promptly at 9 AM PST.


Preview Days are the Friday before the auction from 12 PM – 6 PM PST.


Pick Up Days are Saturday 4 PM – 6 PM, Sunday and Monday after the auction from 9 AM – 6 PM PST.





Our auction is online only however we have an in-person preview day the Friday immediately before the auction, which is on Saturday, from 12 PM – 6 PM PST. We encourage everyone interested in bidding to come on preview day to make sure you are satisfied with the items you’re interested in bidding on. An employee of Freeway Enterprises will assist you in opening any item you wish to inspect. Please don’t open any items on your own. 





All items are sold AS-IS with the following exceptions:


Small electronic items that plug in to the wall are guaranteed to power on with the following conditions: Items must be checked and tested prior to leaving Freeway Enterprises (testing station is provided). Once items leave Freeway Enterprises all sales are final. 


All large electronic items that plug in to the wall will have a 24-hour guarantee to power on from the time you leave Freeway Enterprises. Large electronics are classified as something that needs to be put together or cannot be tested at Freeway Enterprises due to size. (ex. treadmill, electric pressure washer, massage chair)


All other items including but not limited to: household items, furniture, battery powered items, gas powered items, etc. are always AS-IS no exceptions.


If Freeway Enterprises determines it advertised an item grossly incorrect that specific item may be eligible for a refund. All items must be checked before leaving Freeway Enterprises.







We do provide estate sale services and offer consignments as their own auctions and within our own auctions. If you are interested in consigning any of your own items or interested in having an estate sale with us, please contact us via phone or email. We are happy to help in any way we can.


Consignment items are always AS-IS, we cannot guarantee their condition. We will always describe the items to the best of our ability and you are able to preview them in person as well.


On and off site estate sales are typically auctions entirely of their own. All items within an Estate Sale Auction are sold AS-IS as we cannot guarantee the condition of these items. However, we will always describe the items to the best of our ability and you are welcome to view the items in person before you bid.





Auction starts closing at 9am on Saturdays. There is a 15 second stagger between lots with a 1 minute soft close.


If an item is titled with Quantity (ex. QTY 6) then your winning bid is multiplied by the quantity. For example, you win a Light Bulb with a QTY of 8 listed in the title for $5, you multiply your winning bid of $5 by 8 for a total of $40. (Just to clarify it is not 8 pieces for $5.)


All bids are final and cannot be edited or retracted.


If you don’t have the ability to bid online you can register and pre bid in person at our preview day the Friday before our auction.





The credit card you use to register for the auction will be pre-authorized for $1 as a verification to bid. In the event that you don‘t win anything, that $1 hold will be removed. All items you win will be charged to the same card immediately following the auctions conclusion. Please make sure you register with the same card you want your final payment to be charged to.





We do not offer shipping at this time.


Pick Up days are Saturday 4 PM – 6 PM, Sunday and Monday from 9 AM – 6 PM PST. If additional pickup time is needed, please contact us to make arrangements. If purchased items are not picked up by the end of the day Monday and you have not arranged a different pick up time prior to then, your items and payment will be forfeit.


If you are a cash buyer and your items are not picked up, your card on file will be charged for your winnings.


Once items are forfeited, refunds cannot be given.


Please have your receipt or bidder number ready when you pick up your items.





Please contact us with any questions as we are always happy to help.


THANK YOU for choosing to bid with Freeway Enterprises. We appreciate your support!


Happy Bidding!!